Primal Therapy aims to provide distinctive therapies and treatments for a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Designed to be a useful and effective technique for both professionals and the general public. When working with us, you will find different therapies and treatments guidelines.

We want to work with people who’re looking to improve their health.

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Sports & Injury Therapies

Primal Therapy strongly believes in a holistic approach to our treatments, we often use a combination of techniques in order to effectively treat patients, whether you are suffering from back pain, muscle tightness, low mobility or other ailments we will always come up with a plan that works for our patients and their lifestyle.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep tissue massage treatment usually focuses on a specific problem like chronic muscle pain or injury therapy.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Our sports physiotherapy procedures play an important role in supporting athletes, players and sports participants of all abilities.

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Advanced Muscle Release

Muscle Release therapy resets the body's functions and structure back to optimum settings, our therapists ensure your body is using the correct muscle for the correct function, improve posture and relieve aches and pains.

Our unique techniques have been developed over years and are executed by each of our team to our Primal standards.

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Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture works with local twitch responses of the muscles compared to Chinese medicine and acupuncture which traditionally works on Meridian & Qi lines of the body, medical acupuncture works with the muscle belly and creating a paresthesia effect to the area to help the brain alter its perception of what pain actually is.

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Spine & Joint Manipulation

Spinal and joint manipulation techniques are used to create the audible crack known as a cavitation to the joint space to temporarily disengage pain barriers and increase range of motion. These techniques are used in conjunction with advanced muscle release.



Sports Massage

Injury Rehab

Pre/Post Surgery


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Client Reviews

Saajan Aujla
Saajan A.
11:54 26 Apr 23
I had a great session of rehab with Karan where the knowledge and testing used at Primal therapy was far greater than experienced previously and helped support the rehab plan given to me. Would definitely recommend to anyone recovering from an injury.
Tazer Black
Tazer B.
18:51 06 Apr 23
Prabhjotsingh 1362
Prabhjotsingh 1.
14:06 24 Mar 23
Nice one
kalyan Y
kalyan Y
22:02 04 Mar 23
Mohan Singh
Mohan S.
19:01 04 Mar 23
Would recommend yasser, I had been provided with a great and thorough service.He explained everything to me in a great manner.I had been recommended to primal therapy and I shall be recommending it to other people.
Katie Brill
Katie B.
15:52 26 Feb 23
Recently had a session with Karan following some concerns that I might have a slight winged scapula. Turns out that wasn’t the issue but from the moment I messaged the instagram page Karan provided me with information that helped me keep calm and not feel worried or concerned. Once I booked in, I had a session where he took the time to look at the issue, explain in the perfect level of detail to understand what was going on and put an action plan together on what we’ll do to rectify. He set me some exercises which he ensured connected with the right muscles and also checked I could execute them correctly. 5 star service from start to finish, and now I’m much more confident that my wonky back will soon be sorted and won’t hinder my aspirations to be a professional athlete!
Katie Brill
Katie B.
15:51 26 Feb 23
Recently had a session with Karan following some concerns that I might have a slight winged scapula. Turns out that wasn’t the issue but from the moment I messaged the instagram page Karan provided me with information that helped me keep calm and not feel worried or concerned. Once I booked in, I had a session where he took the time to look at the issue, explain in the perfect level of detail to understand what was going on and put an action plan together on what we’ll do to rectify. He set me some exercises which he ensured connected with the right muscles and also checked I could execute them correctly. 5 star service from start to finish, and now I’m much more confident that my wonky back will soon be sorted and won’t hinder my aspirations to be a professional athlete!
Dixa Darshan Gurung
Dixa Darshan G.
16:22 25 Feb 23
Very helpful and friendly. Actually listens to your problems and tailors the treatment accordingly. Thank you!
Varsha Halai
Varsha H.
21:05 17 Feb 23
I don’t think there are enough stars for Karan. My dad injured himself in 2022 and through Karan my dad did rehab sessions, which unfortunately didn’t help his situation but like many physicians they’d wash their hands and leave it be, not Karan he continued to reach out and ask how dad was, referred him to his doctors and has been extremely supportive, helpful and patient with us. I can’t thank him enough for his commitment and passion for his work. You don’t know how much you’ve done.
F F Rahman
F F R.
18:03 24 Jan 23
This is the best therapy center I have been to after trying quite a few in London. Sevana is really fantastic, has in depth knowledge about the human physiology and very accommodating.When it comes to coming with specific exercises for target areas, she is absolutely brilliant, also check up on clients regularly, would highly recommend her!
Isco Aaron
Isco A.
21:07 17 Jan 23
Had an appointment with Drilon today, he was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about his field. The appointment was great and I will be going to see him regularly from now on. Highly recommended 👍🏽
Jack Spruce
Jack S.
16:07 16 Jan 23
As a student on placement, being exposed to the world of work was a very daunting experience. The members of staff at the South Ruislip clinic and Watford clinic were incredibly welcoming, and the knowledge they shared has helped me a great deal. They take the time to get to know each patient and see them as a whole rather than the injury they are treating! Highly recommend for other students and anyone needing treatment. Thanks you Karan, Albi, Yas and Drillon. You are legends.
golan horesh
golan H.
09:46 15 Jan 23
Drillon is absolutely fantastic todays treatment was spot on with what I needed. I immediately made another appointment and will be keeping that regular as it makes such a difference to keeping my body moving and feeling as best as possible
ragulan ravendran
ragulan R.
13:17 29 Dec 22
I would like to Thank you for Primal Therapy and Sevena for professional advice and coach. My ankle issue is sorted with in 6 weeks . Several was very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family when needed
sunshine crochet
sunshine C.
12:32 27 Dec 22
Savana was very friendly and welcoming and helped me figure out what was the pain in my wrist.She showed me what kind of rehabilitation exercises I need for it.Recommended 100%
Talia Sofizade
Talia S.
14:33 20 Dec 22
Really good appt with Sevana. Comprehensive, seems to really know her stuff and unlike many physios i’ve seen she seems keen to get started on a proper rehab program that targets my exact weaknesses after an injury. Really excited to get started with a program and definitely recommend!
SFR 21
SFR 2.
14:26 19 Dec 22
I have gone to Primal a few times and have been seen by both Karan and Sevana. All times I have visited the team have been able to identify my issues, treat them and explain to me how it has happened and ways to prevent it. I find them very professional and helpful
Taoufik Hannachi
Taoufik H.
17:09 13 Dec 22
Drilon is the masterIncredibly helpful and feels much better after couple of session.
Parisa Zadeh
Parisa Z.
17:29 01 Dec 22
Amazing. Saw Karan, very knowledgeable, skilled and made me feel very welcome! Walked out feeling like a brand new person. Thank you so much!
Jas Singh
Jas S.
08:37 22 Nov 22
Had a few appointments with Karan and I’ve been very happy with the quality of work that he provides. Back feels much much better now that I’ve been training with him.
Harper's World
Harper's W.
13:55 18 Nov 22
Shari Jamal
Shari J.
03:32 11 Nov 22
Amazing. Drilon was really easy to work with he was patient and really knows what his doing. After a long time of pain in my shoulders he really worked his magic and i feel much better already seeing him again in 2weeks
Brandon Baum
Brandon B.
14:43 07 Oct 22
The best, love these guys!
rico joannou
rico J.
19:57 05 Oct 22
Absolutely amazing. I went to primal after injuring my knee and they have got me back up to 100%. Each session was enjoyable whilst pushing me to my limit. Great rehab programs and very professional. Would definitely recommend!
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo L.
22:26 25 Sep 22
Emma Brown
Emma B.
18:13 15 Sep 22
Amazing, friendly service. Struggling for years with my back. Gave some simple advise and exercises to do at home helped me so so much!
23:54 07 Sep 22
I booked to see Karan knowing that I’m going to get the best treatment for my neck, back and shoulders and it’s fair to say that I left with my expectations exceeded. He’s so incredibly gifted and professional in his craft! I would highly recommend him if you have any aches, pains or posture issues. He’ll give you such a detailed breakdown of what you’re experiencing and will work his magic. You won’t need to look elsewhere🙌🏼
Prince Chukwu
Prince C.
11:27 19 Aug 22
Diaa Wazait
Diaa W.
11:55 09 Aug 22
Right from the get go, Karan was so incredibly friendly and approachable. I've been having tennis elbow, shoulder joint and back pains for so many months and grew frustrated from other physiotherapists that didn't seem to address my problems.Karan is a breath of fresh air I feel safe in his hands and he knows exactly how to solve these issues. Can't recommend him highly enough.
Farid Moussavi
Farid M.
11:08 22 Jul 22
Had an issue with my arm and knee, booked an appointment with Karan. Straight away after telling him my issues he examined the pain and found the issues and explained to me in detail how they could of occurred and how to avoid in future. Long story short followed his plans for recovery using an app with videos 1 week later pain free. Highly recommend, very professional.
Ashraf Jeetooa
Ashraf J.
23:07 04 Jul 22
Drilon is a gentleman and a scholar. He always works his magic and I leave feeling amazing. He has helped me greatly in getting me to touch my toes in one session after years of not being able to do this on my own. Helped me with neck and lower back problems. All I need now is a MOT and service every now and again for maintenance. #feelingstrong. Thanks Drilon. Genuinely nice guy. Evolve gym is also amazing.
Kayleigh Monery
Kayleigh M.
08:58 18 May 22
Went to see Primal as I was suffering with slight back pain when weight training. The sessions I had which included the assessment were extremely helpful and with all the exercises and knowledge which was given to me I can now workout with no back pain!Great service! Thank you
shaheer ahmed
shaheer A.
11:50 11 May 22
I’ve been doing my sessions with Yasser and I’ve seen massive improvements already, I could only do basic movements when I started but now I’ve moved on to weighted exercises. I would recommend primal therapy to anyone looking to recover from any injuries.
Christopher Smith
Christopher S.
07:57 11 Apr 22
Amazing service and the treatment was brilliant, knew exactly what my issue was and resolved in the first visitWould highly recommend these guys
Lizzy Chambers
Lizzy C.
17:04 01 Apr 22
Amazing to be able to walk, exercise and feel normal after damaging my knee. I worked with Yasser who got my issue straight away. He worked with me to rebuild my strength and confidence. He gave me clear exercises each week to build me back up to being able to do full squats and my exercise classes again too. Would definitely go back if I have another injury but I hope I don’t need to. Thanks so much.
15:52 03 Feb 22
I've been going to primal therapy for about 3 years, The experience over that time has been incredible. The sessions are tailored to my personal needs, I've had various injuries/problems, I had each one of them is dealt with with an abundance of knowledge and experience which has helped cured my; Clicking joints, tight muscles, mobility issues, muscle strains, posture correction with noticeable results... The list goes on. Depending on the specific nature of the session, it can lead to some rehabilitation work or even retraining the muscles. Certainly a trustworthy team, I have recommended so many people and they are happy with the results themselves 😊. Give them a try you won't regret it!
Super Evo
Super E.
15:20 27 Jan 22
I went to see Karan at Primal Therapy with an elbow issue that has been ongoing for months now. I’m pleased to say I no longer have this issue at all. Great friendly professional service. Thanks a lot
Kiran Kaur
Kiran K.
18:13 30 Dec 21
Absolutely STAR .Karan is amazing , made me feel comfortable, took time to listen to me and explained what we’re next steps.My go to place for life ❤️
Sainy Vision
Sainy V.
15:13 02 Dec 21
Excellent service and staff, had a session with Drilon and he went above and beyond to find out what the problem is in my shoulder, started treating it and gave me a set workout routine to follow. I look forward to my next session and would highly recommend to all!
Philip Pollecoff
Philip P.
17:10 01 Dec 21
My physio Shannon is brilliant, very knowledgable, professional and kind. Helps me with my running and remedies the usual issues that arrive with any regular runs as well as provides strengthening exercises, she makes it all seem easy and all the exercises are well paced. I recommend Primal Therapy they also have really efficient administration so it’s hassle free.
craig lynch
craig L.
12:32 04 Nov 21
I was very happy with the service I received. Selin was very professional and helped me with some muscular issues that I have been having. I have booked regular sessions now as I am thoroughly impressed.Thanks
Canine Countryside Escape
Canine Countryside E.
12:15 04 Nov 21
Drilon is fantastic. Very professional and friendly
Rebecca Matia
Rebecca M.
11:55 24 Oct 21
Bhuvraj Bhachu
Bhuvraj B.
16:43 26 Aug 21
Turab Naqvi
Turab N.
22:01 11 Aug 21
I took my Mum and she was extremely happy with her session as well as the extreme professionalism shown. Highly recommend Primal Therapy!!
Réka Nánai
Réka N.
13:14 14 Jul 21
Mr Gill
Mr G.
16:10 28 Apr 21
Karan is a master at his trade. I have had shoulder issues for years, and have seen many people along the way with varying outcomes. My first appointment led to some fantastic results pretty much straight away. Would throughly recommend these guys.
Michael K
Michael K
13:43 13 Apr 21
I've been to see Drilon twice now, once for a hip issue and once for a neck issue. He knows what he's doing when it comes to treatments and rehab. Performs the treatment and follows up with stretches and exercises to prevent the issue coming back. If you're in the North West London area, and have any issues or injuries you need to see the team
Connor James
Connor J.
01:03 13 Apr 21
I went in to see Drilon as I was struggling with lower back pain, after a few tests Drilon pinpointed the issue and proceeded to relieve the pain and give me so much helpful advice and Core strengthening exercises to do. Within a week or two of following the advice given to me I was back in the gym feeling stronger than ever and with so much better form on my lifts. 10/10 would honestly recommend to everyone that has any issues. Also a really nice guy 👍🏻
David Telfar
David T.
08:04 29 Mar 21
Parveen Dehal
Parveen D.
23:12 11 Mar 21
Jordan was absolutely first class with the service and care he provided! I was able to work through a number of injuries and troubles I had due to training but also from work (where I have really bad posture). I have gone through a number of exercises with him which have been more than helpful over the last few months. Would highly recommend him without a shadow of a doubt
Kirit Bharj
Kirit B.
11:36 01 Mar 21
Amazing service - highly recommend.I've been playing tennis amongst other sports for 20+ years and that has naturally led to aches, pains and body imbalances, particularly as tennis is so one side dominant. I've seen multiple sports therapists over the years but nobody has come close to the service or expertise by Karan during our sports therapy session.Karan expertly took time to understand my background, then carried out a thorough body assessment and identified body inbalances that were caused by years of playing tennis. Instead of offering any quick fixes as some of my previous therapists have, Karan talking me through body activation treatment and tension release procedures as he was doing them. The pec release in particular was great - I had range of movement I haven't felt in years!After the soft tissue treatment, we then went onto the gym floor where Karan showed me a few exercises to strengthen smaller muscle groups that have been neglected over the years. Homework for the next few weeks before our next appointment.Overall, a great, thorough and expertly delivered first session, and look forward to future appointments. Thank you Karan!
Sunil Vaghela
Sunil V.
19:31 28 Feb 21
I've been with Primal Therapy since 2020 and they have been excellent from the start. Jordan is helping me with a rotator cuff injury and after a few weeks of doing the rehab advised by him, it has improved significantly. What's great about Jordan, Karan and Primal Therapy is they diagnosed my problem from the beginning before finding the right solution to it.
Nick Skutela
Nick S.
10:23 24 Feb 21
Well worth a visit couldn't turn my head to the left and hold it there without a dull aching pain in my neck for years, after a session it was gone. Very happy and please with all the results.
21:48 23 Feb 21
5 stars all day I come all the way from north London to Watford just because their options for certain therapy services are amazing, very specific and I use them regularly as i am a athlete that needs maintenance on my physique all the time I came to them with severe muscles knots, adhesions, neck pain and much more but they fixed my main issues in as small as 3 sessions!, they provide a top notch service with very reasonable prices, they know what they are doing and they listen to your needs unlike most places and are very understanding, no awkwardness I get on like a house on fire with my therapist Jordan!, they’re very empathetic and understanding and you can just tell meeting the team of therapists they genuinely love what they do! Couldn’t ask for anything more.
shahzaib m
shahzaib m
21:28 23 Feb 21
Super friendly and professional and and helped so much with my lower back pain. Definitely will go again and would recommend highly
Suzi Israel
Suzi I.
20:35 23 Feb 21
Jordan was recommended to me by a friend. I went to see him about issues I was having with my back and feet. He understood instantly what my issues were and not only helped fix the problem but also gave me rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen my weaknesses to avoid reoccurring injury. Jordan is great and he is amazingly knowledgeable in his field. I can't speak more highly of him.
Baljinder Panesar
Baljinder P.
06:42 21 Jan 21
Top team, amazing knowledgeable staff. Not ones to clock watch and always going the extra mile.
Tajinderpal Ginda
Tajinderpal G.
19:18 20 Jan 21
My personal experience at Primal therapy has been superb! I've been to this site on many occassion to receive my therapy and I've got nothing but great things to say.The team have been super professional and helped me through my therapy so much! For such a busy team, they never forget you as an individual that need help, they go above and beyond for your care.I've had session for the past year and had such great changes in my body which without expert knowledge and experience I wouldn't have been able to achieve!I strongly recommend visiting for any of your needs and you will be blown away by their professionaliasm, friendliness and most of all the therapy itself!
Natasha Sheikh
Natasha S.
15:09 20 Jan 21
Best place to go for pre and post recovery.Very clean and up to date with all latest covid-19 policies.
Mital Karia
Mital K.
14:22 20 Jan 21
Amazing Service and experience, the team helped me fix an ongoing shoulder issue that I have had for years as well as a comprehensive rehab programme.They have also adapted well to the pandemic, ensuring they are in full PPE, temperature checks upon entry, booking system.I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Harpreet Saimbhi
Harpreet S.
16:08 13 Jan 21
11:53 08 Dec 20
After an accident a few years ago I was seen by Selin for my whiplash and after a few sessions I can honestly say I feel great!
Serena Kiran
Serena K.
21:13 03 Dec 20
Amazing service! My session with Karan was fabulous. He made me feel at ease and talked me through the process. The facility was clean and well maintained. Primal have followed all government guidelines, PPE was used at all times, hand sanitiser was available and antibacterial spray was used before and after. Definitely recommend these guys!
Sona Kalsi
Sona K.
11:05 03 Dec 20
Once again had the pleasure of visiting primal therapy clinics and whilst having a newborn I was somewhat a tad nervous about going out to public places, but all the nerves were put to rest when visiting the team as all the staff were in full ppe along with doing the corrects assessment of covid on anyone who entered, it was so comforting that these were all done and it gave me peace of mind whilst being treated knowing full well that when I got home to my daughter and wife I’d be 100% safe and so would they. Once again cannot express how much I appreciate the professionalism and duty of care all in involved at the primal therapy team.
Hanit Arora
Hanit A.
20:29 09 Oct 20
Having had acl reconstruction, i went in to see Selin who is an expert and very much experienced in aiding the rehab of the knee. Was very happy as Selin was easily able to identify at what stage i was in the whole rehabilitation process for the knee joint and what needed to he done. She is a very welcoming and respectful physio who understands what plan needs to be inplace to achieve the set out goal. 2 sessions in and very pleased thus far.Would highly recommend her to anyone who has any underlying knee issues or for anything in general. Also a big thank you to Karan, the professor of the squad for creating a vibrant dynamic team. wish you guys all the successes in the world 👊🏻
Niroshan Pathmajothy
Niroshan P.
15:37 09 Sep 20
Hi Guys,Just wanted to say thanks to Drillon. Had my first appointment yearerday and feeling fantastic! Thanks to all of you for your help and service. Cant wait to book another one!Niro
Chirag Jagatia
Chirag J.
20:17 02 Sep 20
I had my first session with Jordan (with Karan present) and I was so impressed!They both picked up and issues I didn’t even realise I have. Jordan released my hips which allowed me squat pass 90 degrees for the first time in years!Since the session, Jordan has helped me with my rehab exercises which I can complete at home to help ensure I stay mobile and pain free!They are both great guys, had a laugh all through the session!Thank you both.
Junaid manzoor
Junaid M.
11:21 25 Aug 20
Cant thank the team enough, big shout out to Dryllon for helping me with my rehab, also want to thank Karan too both took time out after a full day of clients to help me which I really appreciate. It’s the smallThings that count and I can’t thank and recommend them enough. Thanks once again
Mahdi Elouali
Mahdi E.
19:28 23 Aug 20
My first session with Karan truly left me speechless. I have had chronic aches and pains for the last few years and in one hour that pain was reduced dramatically. Karan made me feel welcome and comfortable from start to finish and I can't wait for my next session!
Tajinderpal Ginda
Tajinderpal G.
13:47 09 Aug 20
I've been wanting to get treatment for my bad posture, aches and pains for many years now and didn't know where to go or most importantly who to trust. I came across Primal Therapy and reached out to the team.From the start right through to continued treatment I have received the best care I could have asked for. I was pretty hesitant at first but the knowledge shared and care taken throughout has been top class.Karan and the team are well trained and experienced when dealing with clients and have shown great pre and after care to ensure my problems are solved.The team have shown great care, it is a lovely tidy premises complete to a high standard.I would strongly recommend the team as their professionalism and work stands far out!
Tajinderpal Ginda
Tajinderpal G.
11:52 09 Aug 20
I've been wanting to get treatment for my bad posture, aches and pains for many years now and didn't know where to go or most importantly who to trust. I came across Primal Therapy and reached out to the team.From the start right through to continued treatment I have received the best care I could have asked for. I was pretty hesitant at first but the knowledge shared and care taken throughout has been top class.Karan and the team are well trained and experienced when dealing with clients and have shown great pre and after care to ensure my problems are solved.The team have shown great care, lovely atmosphere and super clean tidy premises to a high standard.I would strongly recommend the team as their professionalism and work stands far out!
Man Lee
Man L.
08:41 09 Aug 20
Went to see primal for my foot pain, within the first session they relieved the pain and after a few sessions of correcting my walking pattern and strengthening my foot with exercises and treatment, I have had no pain since. Their knowledge as a team and as individuals far exceeds that of any other therapist I have been to. Highly recommend primal as they have solved all my problems and kept my training on point.
Kerry Guthrie
Kerry G.
11:33 05 Aug 20
Great treatment today by Drilon at Evolve Gym Colindale. Very professional, friendly service where various treatment techniques were used to locate and treat my knee and wrist pain. K Tape was also applied to support my knee, and exercises were shown to strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee. I would definitely recommend the services and will be booking in again!
Harpreet Saimbhi
Harpreet S.
17:05 02 Aug 20
Booked a session with Drilon to fix a back and neck problem. He was prompt, thorough and very knowledgeable. Definitely worth the journey to see him and return visit is already booked!
Jakub Sypien
Jakub S.
21:02 14 Mar 20
Have seen Drilon twice now at evolve gym and he’s been able to fix both my neck and hamstrings in a session each. He Knows what he’s doing and is able to sort you out in no time. The body adjustment is also great and makes you feel twice as tall. Great sense of humour keeps a good convo going, makes the experience enjoyable. Definitely would recommend.
Sabrina Scalzo
Sabrina S.
18:00 04 Mar 20
I was recommended to primal therapy though my gym, I’ve seen Karan and Drilon, their very professional and very knowledgeable I was very impressed, I’ve only had two session and I’ve notice such a different with my hips they feel a lot more aligned I’m so happy and I’m looking forward to upcoming sessions. Sabs 😊
12:16 27 Feb 20
I had a pec, lat & rhomboid release session with Drillon from Primal Therapy last week and it was the best money I’ve spent on fitness therapy ever!He made me feel at ease during the whole session and despite being apprehensive about the pain I would endure, he made me understand the reason why certain stretches were necessary to release tension from certain muscles and educated me at the same time.The session was punctual, the space was very clean and Customer Service was 10/10.I would thoroughly recommend using Primal therapy and Drillion in particular as he knows his stuff!
21:14 22 Feb 20
For the past 1 and a half years I have been struggling to keep my fitness, physique and mindset at a high level due to serious injuries in my shoulders that affected my sleep, posture muscles and breathing. The injury went deep into my sub scapular which is the winged part of your lats. Now, with just 4 sessions and with constant stretching and rehabilitation recommended by primal therapy I’m able to have pain free movements when I exercise and because of this I’ve developed so much as a person to cope with the pain and frustration that comes with injuries, wishing you all well and to stay safe whilst lifting, never forget your stretches.
Imran Virji
Imran V.
16:50 31 Dec 19
From the get go the service I have received has been amazing. The care and the attention to detail with the customer service is always spot on and it feels as though you are conversing with friends rather than a company. The staff are very knowledgeable and ensure you are comfortable at every stage of the treatment. They go out of their way to keep up to date with the progress you’re making and ensure plans are updated according. If I’m honest I would 100 percent recommend Primal to anyone who needs physio or any other treatment.
23:08 30 Dec 19
Initially booked a single session with Primal after seeing their content on Instagram. Met with therapist Drilon who was very professional and explained the entire treatment and genuinely engaged with me to understand my background and fitness goals. The room was very laid out, clean and smelt fresh. Drilon worked on my quads and legs and within an hour, the difference was probably the best I've felt since my early teens; my legs felt springy and there was a major noticeable difference in my ability to squat much deeper. Immediately booked another 6 sessions and am very happy with the results and improved health I've experienced. 100% worth the investment. Already recommending anyone who complains of any muscular or sports related issue to Primal.
Jamie Scarrott
Jamie S.
08:28 22 Dec 19
Passionate, knowledgeable, genuinely caringAs a personal trainer, American Football player, and gym lover getting myself looked after is so important, Drillon and Jesse delivered 100%. I went to Primal Therapy from Oxford as I have followed their online content for some time and have found it really useful.Jesse has given me relief for a 6 month shoulder injury and pin pointed it quickly (it took the NHS 5 months) giving me great corrective exercises to get me back to strength and keep me robust for my upcoming season. He really cared and it was awesome to see him work. Any sportsman or gym goers should definitely get booked in to stop those almost inevitable injuries.Drillon has helped greatly assessing my lower body mobility and really opening up my tight hips that has caused me issues since I began training. I've tried for years to do this myself, and Drillon mastered it in 45 minutes! Drillon is very passionate about what he does and this shows with his great work, straight after the session I felt the benefits.Primal Therapy is the real deal, expert therapists with a huge passion for their work and leaving people better than when they walked in. I am already recommending them to all my clients, friends, colleagues, and team mates.If you're in to sports or exercise you absolutely have to look after your body, Primal Therapy will do everything they can to get you fighting fit.Huge thanks to Primal Therapy, Drillon, and Jesse
Chino Kalsi
Chino K.
21:10 18 Dec 19
Fixed my on going 3 year hip impingement issue in a few sessions. Great service and great knowledge.
Tashu Ilahi
Tashu I.
13:17 07 Nov 19
Amazing experience with Drillion first time had dry neediling and it was the best he released my bicep defo rebooking again. 😁
12:30 07 Nov 19
After 2 car accidents in one year and 4/5 different therapists I still was in pain and not healed!I heard how good the Therapists were at Primal Therapy so I booked with Selin and after just 5 sessions I can happily say 7 months later I haven’t felt a thing since. Definitely would recommend Primal Therapy to anyone. Both Selin and Karan know exactly what they are doing and on top of that the loveliest people I know. Thank you so much again!!!
Harrison Jones
Harrison J.
19:20 06 Nov 19
I had a session with Selin before my bodybuilding competition a few weeks ago and honestly it was incredible the whole of my back, shoulders and legs felt primed and ready and I honestly can’t tell how great it felt to feel that new again, if I could I would see her for deep tissue and advanced pec and lat releasesWeekly!! Thank you selin I will be re-booking shortly !!!
James Christie
James C.
16:34 01 Nov 19
I had my session with Drilon and he was spot on with his diagnosis and treatment for my shoulder issue. After a week, I'm feeling way more mobility in my shoulder and the pain has practically vanished. I'll definitely consider revisiting!Keep up the good work!
Pari Patwalia
Pari P.
20:09 08 Oct 19
Had a session with Selin and highly recommend her! I've had really tense and stiff shoulders for a while and she took her time to explain the causes, her treatment, and exercises to do to prevent it. She is incredibly strong and really smoothed out the knots in my shoulder, she had loads of strength yet still painless. I left the session feeling relaxed and revived! She made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. Thank you!
Ben Haik Property 247 Solutions
Ben Haik Property 247 S.
09:13 06 Oct 19
I have been treated Karan now for about 8 months, he’s fantastic and knows his stuff. He’s helped me with my back and shoulder with a mixture of therapies and I have a monthly appointment for treatments.Highly recommended and will continue to happily use.
Karel Wilson
Karel W.
20:13 03 Oct 19
I have struggled with mobility and tight hamstring for some time and I was introduced to team, I was impressed with what they knew and advise me going forward. I had few sessions with Selin and by the end of the session I notice the remarkable difference.Selin was very helpful and was able to pinpoint a solution going forward to continue the progress. Many thanks Selin
Mohammad P
Mohammad P
12:57 28 Sep 19
I booked a session with Henry after seeing his work on Instagram. He quickly responded and got me in to assess my pains and injuries that I've had for the past 4/5 years.Henry was able to identify the causes of the pains and after one session, he treated and relieved the pain in my lower back. Unlike other physios and chiropractors I've seen over the past few years, Henry takes the time to explain why you're in pain, whats causing the grief, together with how to make the pain go away! He provided me with an exercise plan and walked me through each exercise step-by-step to make sure I knew how to carry them out properly and safely.The block sessions with him have helped hugely - he can test to see how far you've come by making you do exercises in the gym he's located in. I highly recommend him and his team and look forward to having more sessions with them!
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