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Our Mission.
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Primal Therapy aims to provide distinctive therapies and treatments for a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Designed to be a useful and effective technique for both professionals and the general public. When working with us, you will find different therapies and treatments guidelines.

We want to work with people who’re looking to improve their health.

What we offer

Primal Therapy strongly believes in a holistic approach to our treatments, we often use a combination of techniques in order to effectively treat patients, whether you are suffering from back pain, muscle tightness, low mobility or other ailments we will always come up with a plan that works for our patients and their lifestyle.


Our Deep tissue massage treatment usually focuses on a specific problem like chronic muscle pain or injury therapy.


Muscle Release therapy resets the body’s functions and structure back to optimum settings, our therapists ensure your body is using the correct muscle for the correct function, improve posture and relieve aches and pains.

Our unique techniques have been developed over years and are executed by each of our team to our Primal standards.


Osteopathy is a holistic approach to healthcare that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems including spinal and nerve related issues. By addressing the root causes of pain and dysfunction with manipulations and manual techniques, osteopathy promotes overall wellness and pain management.


Our sports physiotherapy procedures play an important role in supporting athletes, players and sports participants of all abilities.


Medical acupuncture works with local twitch responses of the muscles compared to Chinese medicine and acupuncture which traditionally works on Meridian & Qi lines of the body, medical acupuncture works with the muscle belly and creating a paresthesia effect to the area to help the brain alter its perception of what pain actually is.

Here’s what our clients say

Recently had my first session with Sevana and already know I’ve come to the right place. She let me explain all my pains and appeared very knowledgeable in recommending exercises based on my needs. They also have a great friendly family culture at this clinic and it creates a more relaxed environment to receive treatment.
Drilon helped me with a lower back problem, with Massage, Stretching and acupuncture.. im still sore but my movement is so much better, i was also given stretches and exercises to do at home. which i will do.... but Drilon was very helpful, professional, and informative.. i would recommend to all.. thanks for your help , i can now see light at the end of the tunnel with my on going pain......
Karans aim is to keep you doing the training or exercise you love doing. He takes time to understand you as an individual rather than just treating the injury. Even if you think your injury is the end of the world Karan will create a program to get you back on track !
Amazing session with Drilon at Primal Therapy! He did a very thorough work on my shoulder, first some testing then different ways of treating tight muscles and adjusting the body. At the end my shoulder felt better, the whole body lighter and a big smile on my face! It was worth every penny! I definitely recommend Drilon if you have any injury/tightness or just for the maintenance.
Daman is an excellent osteopath. Very knowledgeable, great guy to chat to and has enough experience to know exactly what’s wrong based on your symptoms.
He’s been able to resolve a number of issues I’ve had using a variety of methods.
Would highly recommend!
Thank you to Daman who has helped me overcome a shoulder injury which stopped me from doing certain day to day activities. He is extremely knowledgeable and any questions I had outside of the sessions, he would reply very quickly. My shoulder is feeling a lot better and I am back to doing my day to day activities without any pain. Would highly recommend Primal to anyone, as they are professional and the best at what they do.
For the last 6 years I had severe shoulder issues, I’ve spent a lot of money travelling up and down the country for results. Primal Therapy was the answer! Big shout out to Daman who gave me an excellent rehab program, educated me on every workout by explaining the science and mechanics and motivated me to keep going. I feel stronger and better than before and can’t wait for the next session.
Daman from Primal Therapy released my shoulder injury from the gym. I had this problem for almost a year. Daman fixed my injury in just 3 sessions! I am very thankful and recommend them very much!

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