Our mission statement

We are a continual Growth mindset team, we want to authentically empower people by educating individuals to stay injury-free


Primal Therapy, an injury management clinic in London

Everything we do has a common goal, to provide back to the community and create one of our own. Here at Primal Therapy, our mission is to get people moving better for longer. Our authenticity and integrity shine through in our energetic mode of treatment. Empowering our patients through knowledge, hands-on treatment and movement retraining to get the best results possible. All of our patients become part of the community we are creating which perpetuates positivity and growth.

Our core values


In that community, we strive to be authentic and a cut above the rest, priding ourselves on empowering you to understand the what, why and how so together we can intrinsically structure our plans for you’re goals.

We want to be able to create a great overall clinical experience, first impressions count, from the start we want to create a friendly, open and trusting environment allowing us to understand you’re goals and most importantly the WHY behind them all we want to work with your “WHY” combined with our methods achieving your “WHY” keeping you on track and continuously pushing you’re capabilities.


Fear is the lack of education, and we strive to educate.

We want to Empower you by combining science-based evidence and real clinical experience to provide knowledge and education to further serve you in you’re fitness/injury rehabilitation journey

Everything Primal has created or done has always been from a place of authenticity, transparency and care. We will continue upholding this as we grow and develop ourselves.


At Primal are much more than just a clinic, Everything we do has a common goal, to provide back to the community and create one of our own.

We believe community is the most powerful core value it is what makes us unique in our approach we are continuously collaborating with charities and our referral partners.


There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

We deliver energy and innovative ideas to our treatment and rehabilitation process. We believe positive energy is infectious, this allows for the best outcome when working with a Primal Practitioner to get you back to full potential.


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Having been in pain after AC Joint surgery for about 4 years, Karan managed to diagnose the problem (which every London physio has missed) and start the healing process after just one session. The amount of movement I had after one session was at least double and the pain was pretty much gone. 5* all round.

Raps Management / 5 stars

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After having an issue with my hip and leg with only 3 session of visiting Henry in a 10 day period he has done more for me than the NHS has achieved in the last 18 months of their so called care ! I could not recommend him highly enough extremely professional service.

Jackie Price / 5 stars

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Karan’s approach is completely refreshing. He educates and explains how your body works and moves. I’ve been to a number of physiotherapists after a foot injury and only K has been able to get to the root of the problem. Highly recommended!

Jankee Pattni / 5 stars

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So I had this shoulder issue for many many Years from bodybuilding. Tried everything rested it for many years and ice packed but no luck. It took a couple of sessions but Karan finally nailed it and now with the homework he’s given me I’ve no need to go back and he even said to me he only needs 2-3 sessions (at least for the same issue): The fact that you struggle to get a booking with this guy speaks for itself. He’s my go to guy now if I ever have any issues.

Tanzeel Aslam / 5 stars

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Apologies in advance… this is a long one!

Let me start by stating …Karan is a wizard ! I’ve now had a few sessions with him and can say I’m finally starting to feel free in my body again. My injuries are responding well to his treatment and the rehabilitation exercises. I’ve taken a break from lower body exercises/weight training and I am focusing on rehabilitation and strengthening the weak and unstable areas from my injuries.
In breif ; I’ve had hamstring issues (torn) and hip/pelvic (wonky) issues from an old gymnastics injury and lower back (sacroiliac joint…think I’ve said that correctly :/ ) pain. So my point is …I have a fair few injuries that I’ve suffered from for some time, and they have responded well, beyond my expectations actually !

Whatever issue/s you are suffering from, where you may be thinking…’am I going to always have this problem’ , just go and see Karan…do not hesitate for a second. I highly recommend him….top man in my books !!!

Antigone Z Pagonis / 5 stars

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