Our Services

Primal Therapies strongly believes in a holistic approach to our treatments, we often use a combination of techniques in order to effectively treat patients, whether you are suffering from back pain, muscle tightness, low mobility or other ailments we will always come up with a plan that works for our patients and their lifestyle.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep tissue massage treatment usually focuses on a specific problem like chronic muscle pain or injury therapy.

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Sports Rehabilitation

Our sports rehabilitation procedures play an important role in supporting athletes, players and sports participants of all abilities.

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Advanced Muscle Release

Muscle Release therapy resets the body's functions and structure back to optimum settings, our therapists ensure your body is using the correct muscle for the correct function, improve posture and relieve aches and pains.

Our unique techniques have been developed over years and are executed by each of our team to our Primal standards.

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Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture works with local twitch responses of the muscles compared to Chinese medicine and acupuncture which traditionally works on Meridian & Qi lines of the body, medical acupuncture works with the muscle belly and creating a paresthesia effect to the area to help the brain alter its perception of what pain actually is.

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Spine & Joint Manipulation

Spinal and joint manipulation techniques are used to create the audible crack known as a cavitation to the joint space to temporarily disengage pain barriers and increase range of motion. These techniques are used in conjunction with advanced muscle release.