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Recover quicker 

perform better

At Primal we want to ensure all the Team are competent in sporting injures but also take part in regular sports as having experience in the sport is a lot different than knowing about it.

Because of our sports experience, we have the knowledge and ability to get you back as soon as possible and also massively reduce the risk of re-injury.

The journey

We will start your journey by taking a full case history before and after surgery working alongside you’re Surgeon to formulate the best well-structured plan

The plan

We will work rigorously with you, getting you started on your rehabilitation journey through all the phases until we have restored you back to you’re full potential. we are results-driven we want to get you moving better, feeling stronger and mostly performing better

The reward

We will ensure that you are back to maximizing you’re full potential and being able to return back to normal, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to be able to remain injury-free.

Making a Change

Injuries we deal with

Lower Back Pain

Knee Injuries (ACL Rehabilitation pre and post-op, Mencius injuries, Etc.)

Ankle Sprains

Pelvic pain

Hip Pain

Shoulder pain, Rotator cuff issues, Bursitis

Overuse injuries / Tendonitis

Elbow pain, golfers and tennis elbow