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Sports Massage


remedial massage

We are aware of how stress can affect the body and we will ensure we will be able to We pride ourselves on having a detailed understanding of how your body works and the stresses it goes through on a daily basis and aims to relieve these through our treatments.

Primal understand that manual therapy techniques are not just meant to be elbows with excessive pressure hoping for a positive outcome, our therapists are highly skilled and have gone through specific training to understand that the body requires a bit more of an in-depth understanding we firstly assess the musculoskeletal system to understand what needs to be released to restore equilibrium.


Sports Massage

Train harder but train smarter

Sports massage can be an effective tool in you’re recovery programme as it can prevent injuries from occurring and allows you to continue training for longer, Remedial massage is able to help with particular areas of chronic pain and tightness it is able to help with conditions such as stiff necks, lower back pain, shoulder stiffness, headaches and specific injuries.


Making a Change

Myofascial release

Fascia is the web-like structure that connects all the muscles, organs and bones together, fascia is one seamless web of connective tissue, Myofascial release can help deal with muscular imbalances and increase the mobility of joints and alleviate overworked muscles.