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Our team of professional physiotherapists specialises in sports-related injuries, helping athletes rehabilitate and strengthen the injured areas. A sports career includes not only impressive achievements but also unfortunate setbacks.

Many athletes begin to think about physiotherapy after their first sports injuries. Reduced rehabilitation time after an injury always appeals to athletes, making physiotherapy in particular demand. However, it is essential to point out that not all injuries require surgical intervention, but also none of the therapeutic techniques can return a sportsperson to their former form in a short time. Only a complex approach with the help of physiotherapy rehabilitation methods allows one to overcome the injury consequences and restore psychosomatic health and previous sports efficiency. Our holistic approach effectively treats sports injuries, allowing the possibility of continuing a sports career.

How does physiotherapy work?

Physiotherapy is based on a programme developed for each particular injury and its possible complications. Our skilled physiotherapists always consider the client’s functional status and the sport to play.

Why is physiotherapy so important?

The ultimate goal of physiotherapy is the rehabilitation or reimbursement of functions caused by a injury. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system can significantly reduce the activity level, both in terms of sports and everyday life. Rehabilitation of people in our physiotherapy centre is aimed at the maximum possible recovery of damaged or completely lost functions. Our comprehensive but, at the same time, the individual approach makes it possible to shorten the recovery period. Furthermore, our physiotherapy specialists strive to create a responsible attitude in the people toward their rehabilitation process and health.

Making a Change

Knee Physiotherapy

Almost all knee injuries (traumatic or surgical) can lead to posttraumatic deforming arthritis, accompanied by persistent pain and functional impairment. For this reason, comprehensive knee physiotherapy is vital in rehabilitating patients with knee injuries.

Knee physiotherapy sessions support and improve the mobility of the knee joints while also strengthening muscles and providing pain relief. For knee joint issues, physiotherapy achieves anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema, analgesic and therapeutic effects.

Most knee physiotherapy methods are equally effective in treating degenerative-dystrophic changes in the articular and periarticular tissues, as well as inflammatory processes. In particular, indications for knee physiotherapy are osteoarthritis, knee bursitis, osteochondropathy, torn ligaments, meniscopathy and traumatic meniscus injury, bruised knee, tendinitis, ligamentitis, enthesopathy.

One of the main therapeutic effects of knee joint physiotherapy is improving local blood circulation, articular and periarticular tissues nutrition, stimulating metabolic processes and activating the natural mechanisms of tissue repair and healing. Timely physiotherapy of the knee joint will help you maintain your knee range of motion, ability to work and quality of life for a long time. Our professional physiotherapists are highly proactive in treating knee injuries and will get you through various knee assessments to determine the severity of knee pain and its functional limits.

Shoulder physiotherapy

Shoulder dislocation



Rotator cuff injury

Shoulder Tendonitis